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Russian Boy gets sucked off by his friend

Russian Boys

Russian boys and their friends!  I've been a fan of the fresh flesh and the innocent smell of the Russian twinks for years and I've used every opportunity to take a photo or two of the boys I've fucked.  Here I'm sharing with you my experiences, photos and video's I've gathered throughout the years.

I've never been with a Russian boy that has let me down, it's awesome how good they are in bed, how smooth their bodies are and how fucking jucy their cocks are. If you've ever been with a Russian before you know what I mean.

Inside this site you can see more than just photos and videos, you can see real Russian Boys fuck their brains out as they get excited over a new cock in town, me! I dont have the count of how many I've done so far but they must be in their hundreds by now. If you're new to the boy business then you should really book a tocket to Moscow or St. Petursburg and dig yourself into the most beautefull boys on earth or look at this site for the most handsome men Mother earth created for us; Russian boys.

My friend from Russia that just loves to suck my cock.

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Keith Manheim
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